Contemporary Arts as Dialogue [C.A.a.D] AKA The Dialoguistz, ya heard?!

  • 04:32:42 pm on February 9, 2008 | 0

    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to who we could invite as guest speakers? We are hoping that we can bring together different disciplines from the university to discuss and question things that are inherent in both the practice of art and of the other academic subjects.

    Things we hope to discuss are:
    Processes/ methodology
    Roles and performance
    Observation/ analysis
    Theory and practice integration
    Personal engagement (the relationship between who they are and what they do)
    Production/ realisation of ideas
    Problem solving
    Power structures and institutions
    Networking and hospitality
    Broader applications of study/ insular subject

    These are just some ideas that we might suggest people from another department talk about.

    We have some ideas as to different departmental areas we would like to hear from most: medicine,education geography archaeology, psychology, physics and maths, philosophy, business and leisure, sports and finally design!

    Hola back with ANY suggestions


    Guest Editor of this blog!


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