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    The accumulation of culture

    Culture – a build up of.

    In Dialogue.

    The Transmission-ability of culture.

    Plateau Platformo.



    “cultural stealth” of our own existence has started to take its toll upon us. In a culture where the idea of transmission-ability//progress is given up in the name of Post Modernity, the disillusion and disenchantment that is accredited by de-motivated academics, leaves us – both as artist practitioners and spectators – feeling somewhat alienated.Our position of being able to see, what Heidegger referred to as, our ‘World Picture’ and our acknowledgement of our Being in the world


    [poiesis] should ultimately offer us a space to reflect critically and engage in the viewing of art. But this isn’t necessarily the case.

    The first art student-led, collaborative biennial held in Sheffield is a constellation of contemporary works of art,


    architecture and philosophy that celebrate, engage and explore these dynamics, both in art and life, and bring them to the table with all the losses and gains that this will entail. The ambiguity of the Agamben term


    “transmissibility” is impossible to translate in all its levels of meaning*. Transmissibility can refer to the ratio of input: output, thus a relation to progress. This notion can then be somehow located between action, activity, agency and participation. In return, this reflects the base//theme of the festival, which is the idea of ‘platforms’, inspired by Agamben’s concept of the “Accumulation of Culture”.We are constantly faced with the debate of whether an art festival can deliver, or delve, into a context that can open our eyes; reveal and ultimately really engage. That can subscribe to an alternative or create a more crea


    tive reflection of the artworld other than the model which has been commodified and capitalised. This transgressive influx on economic surplus value and branding market plans of artwork has alienated the


    process of making, the criticality value to a point of exhaustion and the authenticity of the pleasure of viewing art. This is exactly the paradigm structure that stops us from accessing our Being, where spectators and creators are no longer impassioned but are instead passive consumers.Agamben’s writings often indulge in the political task of explaining that humanities role is to expose the innate potential in this zone of indistinguishability.

    As a starting point to examine diverse practices, we are proposing various forms of platforms, in all interpretations of the word. The very methods used for curation would provide a framework for the work to sit in. A variety of ways of presenting work are going to be established through multiple venues and public spaces , including a ‘proposal free space’ as a ‘free-space’ for artists to utilise.

    By using the Accumulation of Culture through the idea of Platforms, we are ultimately trying to create an ‘utopian’ biennial form of ideas living together and having a common structure, but being at the same time totally independent and autonomous. It can’t teach us something we don’t already know, but perhaps help us ask more questions as apposed to answering them and help us seek different perspectives.

    By art taking place in the public sphere, it thus has the opportunity to create possibilities for (political) action and agency, in order to make room for genuine meaning and poetic capacity. To emancipate ourselves as artists


    and curators from the capitalistic aesthetic which dominates, and help us redefine ourselves from franchised culture.The biennial aims to intensify the interaction with the community, urban, philosophical and political contexts


    in Sheffield by inviting participants, AND CALLING FOR PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS coming from different fields like arts, architecture, politics, Philosophy, anthropology etc.

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    Hey All!
    I would like to firstly say thank you very much for turning up to our StreetForm and CAaD meeting today, and having an interest in what we are doing. I was definately impressed with the interest from the 1st years. I hope that you stick with us, and encourage more of your friends to join up!
    This is the current email address list that I have got. You should group save it so we can have the possibility of having some sort of dialogue platform.
    For our new members please join our Facebook group at:
    This way, we can keep intouch easier since most people check their Facebook more than email.
    Also we have a blog which is:
    We can use this as our idea platform, or if anything interesting comes up: 
    (details in your email box)
    Easy! Don’t be shy!
    Our links for more info are:
    And you can DOWNLOAD ourBooklet at:
    To use our blog platform, it’s the same thing as CAD’s which is

    StreetForms next school is one in Denerby but the date isn’t set. They were interested in the end of October though and specifically Graffiti Techniques.
    We are hoping for some fresh ideas, and people, and polishing up of last years workshops so if you have some ideas (can be anything!) bringgg it!
    When the date is set we will set up a session to go through our workshop so you’re familiar with it.
    We also rotate role allocation. So for example, James, shivvers, Nat and myself did the last school. So the next school will be different people (only if you want to do it – we never force anyone to do so).
    We are filling for funding, sometime within the next few weeks.
    Next meeting schedual for 9TH OCTOBER at 1:00pm at room 2009 Harmer, CITY CAMPUS.  That’s a Thursday. Please tell me if this is problem for you, espeically time-table wise.
    * In the next meeting we will establish role allocation for the ARTS FESTIVAL.
    * Brendan will email us all his text of the “Accumlation of Culture” which is the theme that we are rocking with. Please read it, so we can open the platform for ideas, new stratgies and such. Don’t be intimidated. this is a safe group where every idea counts!
    * A discussion of spaces, we have the potential of 2 so far.
    * Funding ideas
    * Time allocation so it doesnt disrupt dissertations + practice
    * People to get intouch with.
    Please join us for the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham for the ArtMonthly Panel Debate on Art&Education. on the 6th October at 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Train tickets are about 10er return with Young persons railcard. YOu need to make reservations to avoid disappointment : at                            0121 248 0708              
    Pavel Büchler, artist and lecturer and Manchester Metropolitan University
    Phyllida Barlow, artist and Professor of Fine Art and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Slade
    Michael Corris, writer and Professor of Fine Art, Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
    Vaughan Grylls, artist, Professor of Art & Design and Director of Kent Institute of Art and Design, 1996-2005
    Chaired by Patricia Bickers, Editor of Art Monthly
    Next trip is to Liverpool for the Biennial: at the end of October after first draft submission – discuss what date next week.
    If anyone is up for it, a few CAD members are going 2 the Frieze art festival. You should come too.This is in London on the 16th October.
    /////////// Activist roles in C.A.aD will be in dicussion at the end of the next meeting.
    For all those who couldn’t come to the meeting thank you for your apologies and we hope to see you next week! This was just an introductionary meeting. Next meeting we will get some hardcore action going!!
    Until then,
    I hope you’re well.
    And see you soon.
    All the best-est
    Smizz !

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    Given the recent focus of our attention on ‘Art Sheffield 08: Yes, No, Other Options?’ it seemed reasonable that we, as a student-led group, might attempt to develop a festival that students can have a significant involvement in. CAD would manage and direct the festival with an open opportunity for proposals from across the university and perhaps beyond.

    The few details that we have settled on is a time frame for the festival and proposals. We would like the festival to take place from Friday 5 December- Thursday 11 December 2008. We have thought about where to hold the festival and think that perhaps Hunter’s bar or another student based area of sheffield might be best given facilites, venues and also the fact that there is a fairly transient sense of community which might be an interesting context for the festival. Basicallly then, as you may have gathered, we have decided on nothing other than the fact that we want to do this.

    The main questions for us at the minute are:

    ·     What can a Fine art festival be? What are its limitations?

    ·     Is the ‘festival’ an appropriate outlet for fine art?

    ·     How can we curate the festival? (Will it be curated based on venue to venue or will there be an over-riding thematic structure as in ArtSheff 08?)

    ·     Do we really want to construct a festival through a theme?

    ·     Perhaps, as has been suggested, we should base the festival on the idea of ‘platforms’. The very methods used for curation would provide a framework for work to sit in.  We suggested that various ways of presenting work could be established through multiple venues and public spaces perhaps with certain spaces being ‘proposal-free’ ie. it will appear on a promotional map but no work will have been pre-selected for that space just a ‘free-space’ for artists to utilise. Then there might be some platforms that deal with the issues of exhibiting work in a public space and perhaps some work on the idea of a gallery (I’m thinking of the group project ‘Gratuitous’)

    We hope that most people are excited about this and want to contribute by adding work, helping with managerial roles, fundraising, attending discussions about proposals and so on. If you are interested please contact Brendan McCrory, Sarah Smith or Siobhan McSorley for more information and please attend the next CAD meeting which will take place within the next week or so at Psalter Lane Campus






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    Yo all


    Meeting at 1pm Tuesday 13th May

    Where? Library, PSalter Lane.

    Present: Madeleine; James; Richie; Sophie; Rebecca; Sianbon

    Apologies from: Nat; Brendan and Greg.



    Brendans idea of  a contemporary arts festival by students next year. Maybe Inspired by sheff 08??

    We talked about it abit; could have a street Bienale like on London Road.

    We discussed contexts and decided that it would be homework: would it be site specific; would we be controversial; would we have a context text like sheffo 08; would we use sheffo 08’s properly? would Brendan be our “outsider curator?”

    etc. Food for thought. We decided to leave it at that until B-wizzle is present.


    James Idea:

    To create an Artistic Movement – Discuss what we want and do it that way. In a reverse sort of way. Create a Manifesto of a movement and work to that.  Changed names to the DIALOGUISTS –

    Art Bogus – Taking similarities from the artwork – EG Birds used in artwork and only create art with birds in. creating a discourse over contemporary artworld business fallacys of what sells in galleries. Create recreations of reapporiated stuff etc. Uses the artness of the object to move it forward. as just 1 idea. (similar 2 dadaism – BUt better)  But open to all ideas. PLATFORMO

    Start of Manifesto (subject 2 change)

     – Can’t create art without talking about it first

    – Must always help other artists, even if they don’t ask for it.

    – Life is one big crit group.

    – * No Dialogue without refreshments lol *

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    Just a reminder that those involved in the CAD End Gallery proposal will need to bring with them on tuesday a short statement about their dialogue including content and how your booth will be set up


    Guest Editor

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    Where our future lies as artist practitioners?

     This was a very scatty discussion. Amazingly it stuck with the theme, like as if OK magazine talked about it. LOL.

    However some of the positives to bring:

    Should there be Beiannles, 100’s of art gallery openings and video showings of 100 pieces of 1 minute works constantly?  Should it be hardcore or cut down.

    Opportunity or Crushing what we have??

    The Pretensious-ness of the artworld. I.E. Gallery assistants

    Waste of money – New art museums such as the New Contemporary Art Gallery – check my blog in the next couple of days for a more indepth review of the NCAM in NYC that reopened in Dec. 2007. (

    Interesting quote, ” Our futures lie in hell, with pushed curated group exhibitions”

    Fake projects taking over the realism and the truth that we should be emitting?

    Truth over rated?

    Negative criticisms need 2 calm down.


    BRING AN AGONY AUNT LETTER TO NEXT SESSION. A “theoritical problem”  – like Philosophy Now. Can be a creative as you want.

    London trip discuss?

    Everybody got their ticket for Sheffield 08? I hope so.

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    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to who we could invite as guest speakers? We are hoping that we can bring together different disciplines from the university to discuss and question things that are inherent in both the practice of art and of the other academic subjects.

    Things we hope to discuss are:
    Processes/ methodology
    Roles and performance
    Observation/ analysis
    Theory and practice integration
    Personal engagement (the relationship between who they are and what they do)
    Production/ realisation of ideas
    Problem solving
    Power structures and institutions
    Networking and hospitality
    Broader applications of study/ insular subject

    These are just some ideas that we might suggest people from another department talk about.

    We have some ideas as to different departmental areas we would like to hear from most: medicine,education geography archaeology, psychology, physics and maths, philosophy, business and leisure, sports and finally design!

    Hola back with ANY suggestions


    Guest Editor of this blog!

  • 04:44:18 pm on February 2, 2008 | 0 | # |


    Could go in ANY direction. The future movements of art, art+ education, a resession, curation, you personally etc…. bring ideas for selected readings for future discussions.

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