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    Given the recent focus of our attention on ‘Art Sheffield 08: Yes, No, Other Options?’ it seemed reasonable that we, as a student-led group, might attempt to develop a festival that students can have a significant involvement in. CAD would manage and direct the festival with an open opportunity for proposals from across the university and perhaps beyond.

    The few details that we have settled on is a time frame for the festival and proposals. We would like the festival to take place from Friday 5 December- Thursday 11 December 2008. We have thought about where to hold the festival and think that perhaps Hunter’s bar or another student based area of sheffield might be best given facilites, venues and also the fact that there is a fairly transient sense of community which might be an interesting context for the festival. Basicallly then, as you may have gathered, we have decided on nothing other than the fact that we want to do this.

    The main questions for us at the minute are:

    ·     What can a Fine art festival be? What are its limitations?

    ·     Is the ‘festival’ an appropriate outlet for fine art?

    ·     How can we curate the festival? (Will it be curated based on venue to venue or will there be an over-riding thematic structure as in ArtSheff 08?)

    ·     Do we really want to construct a festival through a theme?

    ·     Perhaps, as has been suggested, we should base the festival on the idea of ‘platforms’. The very methods used for curation would provide a framework for work to sit in.  We suggested that various ways of presenting work could be established through multiple venues and public spaces perhaps with certain spaces being ‘proposal-free’ ie. it will appear on a promotional map but no work will have been pre-selected for that space just a ‘free-space’ for artists to utilise. Then there might be some platforms that deal with the issues of exhibiting work in a public space and perhaps some work on the idea of a gallery (I’m thinking of the group project ‘Gratuitous’)

    We hope that most people are excited about this and want to contribute by adding work, helping with managerial roles, fundraising, attending discussions about proposals and so on. If you are interested please contact Brendan McCrory, Sarah Smith or Siobhan McSorley for more information and please attend the next CAD meeting which will take place within the next week or so at Psalter Lane Campus








  • Barry 8:32 pm on May 26, 2008 | # | Reply

    Not sure that Hunters Bar boasts suitable venues.There’s the back room in the Lescar,the Cafe in Endcliffe if you can clear out the breast-feeding frumps,a couple of rooms at the Buddhist Centre or the Church Hall at St.Augustines Brocco Bank.But early December tends to clash with the Christian festival of Christmas so you could be facing competition from dedicated carol singers and revellers.
    Perhaps better ask the curate you mentioned -they tend to have their fingers on the cultural pulse.
    Best wishes

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