Contemporary Arts as Dialogue [C.A.a.D] AKA The Dialoguistz, ya heard?!

  • 03:24:57 pm on May 14, 2008 | 0

    Yo all


    Meeting at 1pm Tuesday 13th May

    Where? Library, PSalter Lane.

    Present: Madeleine; James; Richie; Sophie; Rebecca; Sianbon

    Apologies from: Nat; Brendan and Greg.



    Brendans idea of  a contemporary arts festival by students next year. Maybe Inspired by sheff 08??

    We talked about it abit; could have a street Bienale like on London Road.

    We discussed contexts and decided that it would be homework: would it be site specific; would we be controversial; would we have a context text like sheffo 08; would we use sheffo 08’s properly? would Brendan be our “outsider curator?”

    etc. Food for thought. We decided to leave it at that until B-wizzle is present.


    James Idea:

    To create an Artistic Movement – Discuss what we want and do it that way. In a reverse sort of way. Create a Manifesto of a movement and work to that.  Changed names to the DIALOGUISTS –

    Art Bogus – Taking similarities from the artwork – EG Birds used in artwork and only create art with birds in. creating a discourse over contemporary artworld business fallacys of what sells in galleries. Create recreations of reapporiated stuff etc. Uses the artness of the object to move it forward. as just 1 idea. (similar 2 dadaism – BUt better)  But open to all ideas. PLATFORMO

    Start of Manifesto (subject 2 change)

     – Can’t create art without talking about it first

    – Must always help other artists, even if they don’t ask for it.

    – Life is one big crit group.

    – * No Dialogue without refreshments lol *


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