Contemporary Arts as Dialogue [C.A.a.D] AKA The Dialoguistz, ya heard?!

  • 12:42:42 am on February 10, 2008 | 0

    Where our future lies as artist practitioners?

     This was a very scatty discussion. Amazingly it stuck with the theme, like as if OK magazine talked about it. LOL.

    However some of the positives to bring:

    Should there be Beiannles, 100’s of art gallery openings and video showings of 100 pieces of 1 minute works constantly?  Should it be hardcore or cut down.

    Opportunity or Crushing what we have??

    The Pretensious-ness of the artworld. I.E. Gallery assistants

    Waste of money – New art museums such as the New Contemporary Art Gallery – check my blog in the next couple of days for a more indepth review of the NCAM in NYC that reopened in Dec. 2007. (

    Interesting quote, ” Our futures lie in hell, with pushed curated group exhibitions”

    Fake projects taking over the realism and the truth that we should be emitting?

    Truth over rated?

    Negative criticisms need 2 calm down.


    BRING AN AGONY AUNT LETTER TO NEXT SESSION. A “theoritical problem”  – like Philosophy Now. Can be a creative as you want.

    London trip discuss?

    Everybody got their ticket for Sheffield 08? I hope so.


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